We’re Hiring Teachers!

El Sistema Oklahoma has a mission of spreading joy and hope through music. Do you believe in the power of teachers to deeply impact the lives of their students? Do you like to work hard every day at something that makes a difference to a child and their family? If so, teaching at El Sistema Oklahoma may be for you!

El Sistema Oklahoma meets Monday through Friday from 4pm-6:15pm. Positions at ESO are flexible and pay rates respect the professional nature of our faculty members. We have full-time (Monday-Friday 4pm-6:15pm), part-time and substitute positions available.

We are hiring for all staff positions for 2017-2018 at this time. Positions include:













Music Fundamentals (best suited for elementary and secondary general music backgrounds)

Music Improvisation/Composition

To be a great fit for our team, you should:

  • Have a heart for working with youth. Our kids are 3rd-10th grade.
  • Be student-focused! We teach children…we use music as our tool.
  • Play an orchestral instrument or have a background in K-12 general music/vocal music. You do not have to have a music education/music degree or teaching credential—experience is helpful but not required.
  • Exhibit excellent performance skill on your primary instrument/area.
  • Be a learner.
  • Be flexible and not stuck to maintaining the status quo.
  • Enjoy working on a high-functioning team. We work at warp-speed and count on our teachers to engage fully in our work, with each other and with our kids.
  • Execute the glamorous tasks (concerts) and not-s0-glamorous tasks (moving chairs) with the equal amounts of enthusiasm and pride.
  • Be organized and able to manage competing priorities and tasks. ESO teachers are top-professionals who manage amazing professional careers in addition to serving our kids. This requires organization, communication and planning.

CLICK HERE to begin your teacher application. You will need to complete your application all at once and will not be able to return to the form. Additionally, you MUST email your resume/CV to Please include two additional references with contact information. Your application is not complete and will not be considered if you do not complete the online application AND submit your resume/CV.

Vacancies will remain open until the ideal candidates are found, however, interviews are currently being scheduled so don’t delay. Our interview process includes a 3-5 minute performance on your primary instrument (if applying for an instrumental position) or a demonstration lesson (if applying in general music). Repertoire and/or subject matter are at the discretion of the applicant but should be sufficient in scope for the panel to assess your musical and technical.

Do you have questions? Want to know more about us? Don’t hesitate to call Robyn Hilger, Executive Director, at 405.210.1118 or email

See these kids? They could be calling YOU their teacher!