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Get Involved

Get involved at El Sistema Oklahoma by volunteering or donating!

 See below for more information below on how to make a contribution to our mission:


There are many ways to volunteer at
El Sistema Oklahoma. Volunteers may help with site operations, crosswalk duties, and can even play during weekly rehearsals. You can volunteer once a week, five days a week, one time, or many times. We will find a volunteering opportunity that fits your schedule. We welcome anyone to volunteer who has a passion for community service, providing arts opportunities to OKC students, and helping young members of the
Oklahoma City community.

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Monetary Donations

Individual donations provide El Sistema Oklahoma with additional support that is needed throughout the programming season. No amount is too small, and all donations are celebrated. All monetary donations will come with a donation receipt for tax purposes. You can make a credit card donation by clicking on the DONATE NOW button below. If you wish to write a check, write the check to El Sistema Oklahoma and mail it to our offices at:

3220 Quail Springs Pkwy

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Instrument Donations

El Sistema welcomes new students every year. As every student receives a free instrument, we are in constant need of either new or gently used instruments needing minimal repairs, such as string and pad replacements, general cleaning, and adjustments.

We do not accept pianos or organs. 

 We do NOT accept instruments with cracks, mold/mildew damage, and instruments that have decayed from long-term storage. 

All instrument donations will come with a donation receipt for tax purposes. If you have an instrument donation, click the button below to send an email to our ESO staff. If you would like to clean or repair your instrument before donating, call or email us for an instrument repair location recommendation.

Current Instrument Needs:

                   All full-size string instruments

                   String cases

                   Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars

                   Electric Keyboards

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