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Orchestral Ensembles


El Sistema Oklahoma provides large-ensemble music opportunities for all participants. All orchestras are generally divided by grade level and musical ability. 

Nueva is our youngest group, consisting of all first-year musicians who are in grades 3rd-5th. These musicians attend El Sistema Monday through Friday and are automatically enrolled in Fundamentals, Composition, and participate in weekly team-building activities. The 2023-2024 Nueva Orchestra is conducted by Ms. Cheyenne McCoy, El Sistema's Director of Site & Events and Cello Instructor. 

Promesa typically consists of 2nd-year musicians, expanding on their foundational musical skills learned in the previous year. Promesa students attend El Sistema three days a week and participate in Composition and weekly team-building activities.  The 2023-2024 Promesa Band is conducted by Ms. Abigail Pappas, El Sistema's Director of Development and Clarinet Instructor. 

Alegria is El Sistema's middle school ensemble. The goal for Alegria students 

is to prepare them for the high school ensemble experience and to provide 

additional performance opportunities. Alegria students have the option to take additional classes including Leadership and Volunteer class. The 2023-2024 Alegria Orchestra is conducted by Mr. Josh Tobias, OCU Graduate Conducting student and Low Brass instructor.  

Esperanza is El Sistema's most advanced ensemble. Typically consisting of high school students, Esperanza performs repertoire that is both challenging and reflective of their musical abilities. This group participates in collaborative partnerships with guest conductors and university orchestras throughout the year. The goal for Esperanza musicians is to prepare them for post-secondary life, college experiences, and lifelong music-making. 

The 2023-2024 Esperanza Orchestra is conducted by Ms. Sam Sy, El Sistema's Director of Teacher & Student Support and Strings Instructor. 

In addition to orchestral ensembles, all students are enrolled in instrument classes where they receive instrument-specific instruction. Classes are divided by orchestra placement and are taught by local musicians, educators, and ESO alumni.

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