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Student & Family Advocacy

El Sistema Oklahoma offers more than a free musical experience. We also provide free advocacy offerings for all students and their families.

Daily Snack & Mobile Market - All El Sistema Oklahoma participants receive a daily snack upon arriving to programming. OKC's Mobile Market makes monthly appearances to El Sistema's site to provide fresh produce to students, their families, and the surrounding community. 

Family Support & Translation Services - ESO provides informational classes for parents and guardians including how to access student academic information, financial resources for post-secondary education, expectations for homework and practicing, and the free community resources that are available to them. Family assistance also includes Spanish-English translation services and translated communication materials. 

Transportation - Student participants who attend partnering schools receive free transportation to ESO programming. Students are transported either by OKCPS bus or an El Sistema Oklahoma van. 

Student & Community Mentorship - El Sistema high school students have the opportunity to mentor ESO elementary and middle school students through our mentoring program. High school mentors will gain leadership experience and increased confidence, while mentees will receive encouragement and support. High school and ESO alumni also have the opportunity to be mentored by community members to assist with post-secondary transition and education. 

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